If everyone follows these guidelines and rules, the convention will be the best it can be!

Comic Con Honolulu expects a level of acceptable and reasonable behavior from all attendees. Please have consideration for all Attendees, Guests, and Comic Con Honolulu Crew, as well as for the individuals who are attending other events at the Hawaii Convention Center.

  • Any violation of these rules may result in suspension of their pass(es) and even a permanent ban from Comic Con Honolulu Convention and its sister entities. Any attendee caught breaking a state or federal law at Comic Con Honolulu will be reported to local authorities. Comic Con Honolulu has the right to revise the Code of Conduct at any time and for any reason without notice.

Consent to Photography

  • Any photographs or videos of attendees taken by Comic Con Honolulu Crew in an official capacity may be used or published by Comic Con Honolulu without further consent of the attendees being recorded.
  • Flash photography and/or recording of any kind are strictly prohibited during concert events, with the exception of official Comic Con Honolulu Press Crew and pre-approved members of the press.


  • Comic Con Honolulu strives to provide a safe and fun environment for all those who attend the convention. Behavior such as, but not limited to moshing or running will not be tolerated at any time for any reason during any convention events. Individuals who engage in such behavior will receive a verbal warning for a first time violation; any further misconduct will result in confiscation of their pass for the remainder of the convention.
  • Smoking is only permitted in pre-designated areas at the Hawaii Convention Center.
  • Please have your pass visible and on your person at all times – it identifies you as a fully paid attendee of the convention.
  • Please consider how your words and actions reflect on the convention and how they might impact those around you, as most of the convention activities and areas are directed at general audiences (PG-13). Please keep in mind that other individuals’ opinions may differ from your own. Do not engage in heated discussions with an individual(s).
  • If you are unsure whether something is appropriate to do in public, please consult with the Comic Con Honolulu Public Safety Department.
  • If you notice others are uncomfortable with your cosplay or your activities, please stop immediately. We take pride in our appearance and we want you to do so as well while still having fun. To this effect, Comic Con Honolulu Directors have final say on all matters.

Costumes and Clothing

  • Any indecent exposure (public exposure of genitalia, buttocks or breasts/nipples), regardless of gender, is not permitted. When choosing and/or creating your cosplay, please keep in mind the constraints of local laws and customs concerning public decency. While a character may wear one item of clothing, that does not fall into guidelines.
  • Should you choose to cosplay, please keep in mind that costumes should be sturdy and fitted, and already be on you and in one piece. Also, remember to have proper support such as bras and/or athletic cups, especially if you plan to be physically active, i.e., dancing.
  • If you have a bulky or large cosplay, please be aware of your surroundings. Try not to hit other attendees, cause a disruption, or block access, in accordance with ADA guidelines. You are responsible for your own cosplay and should respect those around you.
  • Upon leaving the Hawaii Convention Center, please keep in mind that not everyone is aware of your intent to dress up, and may mistake your prop for an actual weapon. If you plan to venture out while still in cosplay, we advise that you safely store away props beforehand.

Harassment and Assault

  • “No” means “no.” Do not touch or photograph anyone without their express permission.
  • Harassment is any behavior that seriously annoys or alarms another person. This includes, but is not limited to :
    • Unwanted physical contact
    • Following someone in a public area
    • Verbal assaults
    • Threatening physical violence.
  • An offender may lose their badge and the matter may be referred to the proper law enforcement authorities.
  • If you are being harassed, immediately contact a nearby member of the Comic Con Honolulu Crew or Hawaii Convention Center Security. Comic Con Honolulu Crew and Security personnel have the right to remove an attendee’s badge for not following the rules and their commands, and may eject a person from the convention.

Buying, Selling, and Solicitation

  • Comic Con Honolulu has a few main areas where merchandise is sold – Dealers Room and Artist Alley. Anyone who receives payment for goods in the convention space must comply with all the convention’s rules regarding this. For any sale of merchandise, the exhibitor rules apply. Other restrictions may also apply.
  • Comic Con Honolulu takes its obligations in this area very seriously. Any solicitation at the convention, whether verbal or use of signage for monetary payment or exchange of services that does not comply with these restrictions, is prohibited. Some examples of prohibited solicitation or sale are musicians requesting tips, setting up artwork in for sale in the common areas, and passing out signs or cards to solicit a business in areas other than the aforementioned commerce areas.
  • Violation of these rules may result in the offender forfeiting their pass, returning all payments, and facing expulsion from the convention area. Please also note that certain solicitations are ILLEGAL and will result in immediate membership pass forfeiture and possible referral to the proper law enforcement authorities.
  • Offering favors of a sexual nature for sale, such as kisses, hugs, dates, gropes, spankings, etc., are strictly prohibited as they may be viewed as forms of prostitution.
  • Attempts to circumvent any of these rules such as throwing money and merchandise on the ground and other such tactics are also prohibited.


  • Comic Con Honolulu, its personnel, and its affiliates are not responsible for any damage, theft, injury, or loss. Attendees of the convention are responsible for their own actions and belongings as well as for any resulting repercussions. Comic Con Honolulu Crew is on hand to assist in any situation. However, any civil or medical emergencies that may occur must be handled directly by the appropriate authorities.

Final Word

  • Comic Con Honolulu reserves the right to remove any attendee from the Hawaii Convention Center grounds for any reason deemed unsafe or harmful to others or for repeated failure to follow the rules.