The Last Outpost Hawai’i is a friendly organization of fans of science fiction. They meet regularly and support local conventions and host other events such as informal gatherings and movie showings.

Whovian Trivia

Favorite Doctor? Favorite Companion? Test your knowledge of all things Doctor Who. Prizes for the winners.

Starship Smackdown

A wide variety of space ships and other vehicles from the different universes you know and love will battle each other in the arena of the mind. Many will enter. Only one will be victorious.

What Makes a Great Starfleet Captain?

The various leadership styles of different Starfleet captains will be described and compared. The audience will determine the ideal traits of a captain in the Star Trek universe.

Build Your Own Superhero

Join us for a fun and exciting interactive panel! Build your team of superheroes and take on a mission. Choose your superpowers and use them to save the day! The best of the best wins a prize! Participants will form teams of three, choose from a set of powers and challenges. The group will give themselves a name and be given a chance to respond to a set of dire circumstances. Audience applause will help decide the winning team.

Who is Doctor Who

Many people have heard all the buzz about Doctor Who, but are perplexed about where to begin watching or become overwhelmed when they learn that the series recently passed its 50th anniversary with several actors playing the part of the protagonist over the years. Come to this panel to learn more about the history of the series and where to jump in. Geronimo!

Memorial Wall

A tribute to all of the cast members of Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969) who are no longer with us. Come and pay homage to Leonard Nimoy and the rest by writing your thoughts on post-it note(s) and placing them on the display.