Are you the ultimate Marvel mastermind or a die-hard fan of all things Star Wars? Do you have a passion for cosplay craftsmanship or nerd-core game shows? Maybe you’ve always wanted to host a discussion on the latest Disney movies or lead a workshop on creating a D&D campaign. Whatever your passion, Comic Con Honolulu is your stage! Submit a panel and bring your unique flair and knowledge to Comic Con Honolulu. (Hosting perks included.)

  • Panels are open to all topics related to Comic Con Honolulu’s general focus: comics, movies, TV shows, web series, music, games, STEM, and all facets of pop culture. If you have an interest and want to share your passion for it with other like-minded folks, then please fill in a panel request form.
  • Once you’ve submitted your panel, you may be contacted by the Events Department if any additional information or changes are required or advised.
  • When filling out your forms, please fill them out as completely as possible – the more info you can provide, the easier it will be for us to approve.
  • All panel submissions will be reviewed by our panel selection committee to ensure they align with the values and objectives of Comic Con Honolulu.
  • We reserve the right to reject any panel submission for any reason, including but not limited to the sensitive nature of the topic, potential controversy, or alignment with our event’s guidelines and goals.
  • Decisions regarding panel acceptance or rejection are final and will not necessarily be accompanied by an explanation. This policy is in place to streamline the review process and maintain the integrity of our event.
  • For time slots, preferred times are not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate your requested time, but it is dependent on exactly how best we can balance all items into the schedule. Schedules will be drafted about a month before the convention, so please be patient with us as we try to find the best times for all scheduled panels and events. All panelists will be emailed once a schedule draft is formed. After confirmation from panelists a final schedule will be released.
  • In addition, although your panel times may have been previously approved, Comic Con Honolulu still reserves the right to modify the schedule at any time for any reason: for example, last-minute changes in guest events. Any affected panelist will be notified as soon as possible of any changes and asked if you will be able to accommodate the new time.
  • As the convention gets closer, more panelists will be added to the waitlist as we verify the amount of guest-hosted panels, so submit your panel as early as possible for the best chance! Submissions close on July 19th, and your application status will be updated after the deadline.

Panel host and co-host perks:

  • <3 Passes: Hosts who run panels totaling less than 3 hours earn a discounted 3-day pass.
  • 3X3 Passes: For 3 or more hours of accepted panels, all hosts will receive a free 3-day membership.
    • <3 and 3X3 pass benefits extend only to the named host and co-host who have been involved at all steps of the panel from the start, from panel creation, shaping and forming, and to its final execution. <3 and 3X3 passes are not intended for others who may have only helped partially in the panel’s creation, or are just there to be co-host at the show and had no hand in its creation.
    • Once panel submissions close, hosts/co-hosts will receive a link via email to purchase a discounted pass. Links must be redeemed by the named individual for Comic Con Honolulu 2024; if an individual has already purchased a pass for 2024, the purchased pass may be transferred to someone else or transferred to Comic Con Honolulu 2025.

Banned Topics/Formats:

These categories will be immediately rejected if submitted.

  • Speed Dating
  • WWII Reenacting

Restricted Topics/Formats:

While not outright banned, panels that fall under these categories will be judged more closely as they contain sensitive topics and may require a disclosure statement if approved.

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Current World Events
  • Mental Health

If you have any questions, please contact Events at [email protected].