So you want to be a volunteer?

Excellent! Now that you’ve read through the rules and requirements, it’s time to pick your department. Each department is essential to the running of the convention, and each have specific tasks and benefits to joining. Read through the descriptions for an idea of what you’ll be doing as a member of each, and then select your top 2 choices. You’ll need these when you fill out the staffing form.


Autograph crew will help with crowd control and assisting the guests. Everyone wants to meet the guests, and we need your help to keep chaos at bay!


Minions in the Exhibitions Hall will help Dealer’s and Artist Alley assist the exhibitors, answer questions, and run events in the room. They may also assist with official CCH merch.


Are you great at time keeping? Have a love of organization and hospitality? Events crew assist panelists and guests & keep the con on schedule.

Guest Relations

Help our guests get the most out of the Hawaii experience! Duties include making sure Guests get to events on time, as well as help explore the island!


Members of the Operations department go where they are most needed. They may also assist other departments as required.

Public Safety

Help enforce the convention rules and keep all of our attendees safe and having fun! Duties may include weapons/prop checking and badge verification.


Meet every person at the convention! Reg crew are the first people attendees see, so help make a great impression at the start!

Tabletop Gaming

If you love card games, role playing games, or just hosting tournaments, join us in Tabletop for the opportunity to share your love with others!


For the tech savvy and the audiophiles, the Tech department keeps all of the convention rooms in the 21st century. No prior experience required!

Video Gaming

Run tournaments, watch friendships get destroyed and maintain order in the Video Gaming rooms. We have a variety of consoles sure to appeal to every gamer!

Header image courtesy of CB House.