Welcome to Tabletop Gaming!

Whether you’re an avid board gamer, expert TCG player or completely new to the hobby, Tabletop Gaming has something for you! Located in room 313, we feature well over 7000 sq feet of gaming space, a board game library that consists of over 300 games (including games that are kid and family friendly), Play-and-Win games, collectible card games, miniature games, painting classes, tournaments, game demonstrations, panels, large games, paper-and-pencil Role-Playing Games, industry vendors and more!

Large Group Games

Ready for some giant sized games? Check them out here!

Demo Zone

Want to try a new board game? Check out the demo of the hour at the Demo Zone.

Prototype/Special Events

Come try your hand at some non-published games and give these future game developers some feedback! Or try to make your own in our Board Game Prototype Challenge. Not interested in either? Check out the Game Bazaar on Saturday, what one person is getting rid of might be a gem in your hand!

Paint n' Take

Learn to paint miniatures and take one home here! Don’t forget to sign up!

Play to Win

During the weekend, each time you play (and complete!) one of the games on our Play to Win list, you will have the chance to enter your name in a drawing for that specific game.

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RPG Zone

Round table RPG! Let the adventures begin!

Tabletop Demo Games

Tabletop Play and Win Games


Image courtesy of Zarli Win.