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The following games will be available in the Table Top Gaming Room at Comic Con Honolulu. Join us in the Hawaii Convention Center’s Ballroom A for some great Table Top Games!

Assassin’s Academy

  • Congratulations on making it through the brutal curriculum here at Assassin Academy!  There is now only one thing that stands between you and becoming a full fledged master assassin of the seedy Underworld… the dreaded Final Exam!  You will now be handed a target – a fellow classmate – to “assassinate” (the academy, ironically, frowns upon violence within it student body so you will actually be tagging them) but, beware, as you are now someone’s target as well!  Keep to the shadows and stalk your prey and earn the right to be master assassin… the convention is now your arena!  $5 entry fee per participant, 16 and over to play.

Giant Sized King of Tokyo

  • Ever wanted to be Godzilla or King Kong and smash up other gigantic monsters? Come join us for a light hearted game of monster battles over Tokyo, except it’s GIANT SIZED! Runtime: 20 minutes, 4 players at a time.

Tribe 7

  • A Post Apocalyptic Co-op Experience – Can you and your friends survive in a quirky post apocalyptic wasteland? Come find out and take on the role of a Survivor in this cooperative “work replacement” game. Strategy and teamwork is needed to survive through several seasons of death and mayhem. Runtime: 45-60min, from 6-10 players at a time.

Machi Koro Siege

  • (Team) – Come and build an empire with your friends in a fast paced destructive version of Machi Koro. Through balancing income generating buildings, defensive, and offensive resources, you will crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their children! Runtime: 20 minutes give or take, 4 teams of 2-5 players at a time.

Cardboard Mega-Brawl: the Hoku Brawl

  • Be a part of the most epic Cardboard Brawls in Hawaii – join us as one of the brave Cardboard Gladiators wielding your foam weapons of mass destruction and armored in protective layers of cardboard and duct tape. Battle it out in exciting five minute brawls, where skilled proficiency and precision will win the day! Ally with the Gladiators as a Engineer/Builder, and help construct their Cardboard Armor within an hour under the Flash Build Rules! All are welcome to come and spectate, cheer, leer, or even shout insults at their favorite fighter! Runtime: 60 minutes to build, about 15-30 minutes for overall Brawls. We will take anywhere from 4-8 Gladiators, each can have their own team of builders. 18 or over to game. $5 entry fee for materials.

Wits & Wagers Game Show

  • (12+ Players) – It’s trivia night for you and a few of your closest friends, except you don’t need to know the answer!  In this take on trivia with a twist, teams compete to answer to several numerical questions.  After submitting answers, everyone then has an opportunity to hedge their bets on which team actually came up with the best guess!  Do you have your doubts on your own team’s guess or do you double down and throw caution to the wind?  Join us to find out and for a chance at winning your own copy of this beloved family game!  Runtime: 60 minutes. Up to 7 teams will compete.

Parsely Games

  • You find yourself in a room of several other tentative players.  There is a host present.  The only exit is south.  What do you do?  Inspired by text-based games popular in decades past, Parsley Games are interactive adventures where you and a group of players will test your command-giving mettle by “entering” commands into our human command parser!  Prepare for a role-playing experience unlike any other as you and fellow convention attendees band together to conquer immersive narratives powered by your collective imaginations. All players welcome.

Ultimate Werewolf

  • A gruesome animal attack has left the village putting one of its own six feet under for the third day in a row.  Something nefarious is afoot and the villagers are starting to suspect it might just be supernatural.  Could it be…werewolves?  Ultimate Werewolf is a social deduction game in which each player has their own agenda.  As a villager, survival is the name of the game and hunting down werewolves is the only option left!  As a werewolf, the only way to satisfy your hunger is to continue secretly attacking villagers at night while maintaining your innocence by day.  Will the villagers succeed in purging the werewolves from their ranks before the werewolves devour them all?  Come and see when you join us for Ultimate Werewolf! All players welcome.

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

  • Several renowned artists have gathered to collaborate on a modern day masterpiece in New York!  Having never met one another, the artists know nothing about one another besides the fact that they are all there to paint the same thing, one stroke at a time.  Unbeknownst to the collaborators, there is a fraud in their midst and this fake artist intends to ride their coattails to fame by adding their personal touch without even knowing what they’re suppose to be painting!  As a master artist, it should be easy to figure out who amongst you doesn’t belong, right?  Ready that drawing hand and flex your brain muscles because you could be the next fake artist to go to New York! 3-10 players.

Pathfinder Intro RPG

  • Pathfinder Role-Playing Game demonstration! Come play the world’s best-selling RPG! Short 2-hour adventures. No experience necessary. All materials provided. 2-6 players.

Intro to Board Games

  • Many say that we’re in the midst of a golden age or renaissance of board games yet Monopoly and Clue don’t seem any different from what you played growing up.  What you may not have realized is that an entire industry has been growing right under your nose and board games have been innovating and improving along with all your other favorite pastimes.  Let us unlock for you the door to the world of modern board gaming where it’s possible to play cooperatively with friends, your decisions actually matter, and the games are about more than simply rolling dice and hoping for the best.  So, join our team of board game experts in the Tabletop Gaming room for an introduction to board games!

Game Demos

  • Throughout the convention, our team of board gaming experts will be demonstrating some of their favorite games.  Whether you’re new to the games or a savvy veteran interested in rolling dice or playing cards, there’s bound to be something you can sink your teeth into (metaphorically, of course)!  Please refer to the schedule for a chance to learn or simply play your favorite games in the Tabletop Gaming room.  Many of the games are even featured in tournament play so stop by and get some practice in!

Iello Games Demos

  • On both Friday and Saturday, we’ll have an expert demoing select games from Iello Games! Come by and learn Fun Farm, Pingo Pingo, Master Fox, Dungeon Fighter, Shinobi Watah and more! Schedule to be posted in the Tabletop Gaming room.


  • Jailbreak! – It was not a quiet night: a sudden storm blew across the farmlands, bringing thunder and lightning. An old man and his wife looked out at the storm as it turned to hail. They discussed going to the cellar, deciding to do so only if the weather became more extreme.  They did not listen to the radio, so they didn’t hear the news. They didn’t try to call anyone, so they didn’t know their phone lines had been cut. They did not know there had been a jailbreak. They did not know a guard had been taken hostage by four convicts, convicts who had then seized a van on the highway. 5-9 players. Jailbreak is a renowned scenario for the Unknown Armies roleplaying game designed for play in a single session.  It is a scenario low on combat but high on player vs. player tension, with a mix of characters with conflicting needs thrown into a volatile situation with perhaps a hint of the supernatural.  No prior experience with Unknown Armies or roleplaying is required for play.  Come immerse yourself in this perennial convention classic!


  • Numenera is a science fantasy roleplaying game set in the far distant future. Humanity lives amid the remnants of eight great civilizations that have risen and fallen on Earth. These are the people of the Ninth World. This new world is filled with remnants of all the former worlds: bits of nanotechnology, the dataweb threaded among still-orbiting satellites, bio-engineered creatures, and myriad strange and wondrous devices. These remnants have become known as the numenera.  Player characters explore this world of mystery and danger to find these leftover artifacts of the past, not to dwell upon the old ways, but to help forge their new destinies, utilizing the so-called magic of the past to create a promising future.