Guest Bob Layton for CCH 2017

Bob Layton is one of the industry’s true visionaries and entrepreneurs. He reinvented Iron Man in the 70s, making it a bestselling Marvel series and spawning the hit movies. “Demon in a Bottle” was voted “one of the top 20 comic stories of all time”. Bob launched the first mini-series in comic history with Marvel’s “Hercules: Prince of Power“ and co-created the record-breaking comic “X-Factor”, as well as War Machine, The new Ant-Man and DC’s Huntress. Layton was co-architect of the original Valiant Universe and served as Editor-In-Chief.

In 2007, Bob made a career change and turned his attentions towards film and television. Bob currently works with Hollywood and the various Florida Film Commissions in developing properties in state for motion pictures and television. Bob has creative credits in seven Marvel films and a host of other television and movie acknowledgments

Bob Layton Iron Man Poster
Ant Man Cover Comic Con Honolulu