Free Isabelo has worked in the comic book industry for a short time but has made an impact on the Las Vegas and west coast comic scene. His dynamic style has been compared to the 90’s style of comic book art. Free has won multiple art contests and have hundreds of people walking around with his art on their skin. In addition to his tattoo work and countless pin-ups, Free Isabelo has always supported the comic book community. He created the ACC (Artist Comic Collective) to inspire new artist in finding other artist to collaborate and create. As a founding member of the ACC, Free has helped new artist develop into working artists. Free soon took over the promotional role of the ACC. The ACC went from 6 members to 60+ local members and over 120 members nationally and internationally. Free is known to do free sketches for Make a Wish Foundation, Critical Care Comics, Heartfelt Heroes, Comicbooks for the Masses, Ronald McDonald House, and many other charities and events!