Hydraworx is the collaborative cosplay and prop workshop between married pair Hydra and Gilmortar, hailing from colorful Boulder, Colorado! They bring their combined creative experience of 20 years together to tackle complex cosplay and props from Video Games, Comics and Science Fiction. Hydra specializes in conceptual design, sewing, sculpting, vacuum-forming and painting. Gilmortar specializes in foam work, molding, casting, 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Hydraworx prides themselves in making everything they wear from scratch, embracing DIY, and maintaining costume and prop accuracy as much as humanly possible. This process may be tedious, but they hope to inspire others by sharing their work and techniques online through tutorials and streaming. Their creative talents have been featured on Kotaku, StarWars.com, Men of Cosplay, RPF, and Vanityfair. Hydraworx is very excited to bring interactive and informative panels and meet and greets to Comic Con Honolulu.