Meet Josh one of the incredible cosplayers attending Comic Con Honolulu. In the hustle and the bustle of the con it can be tricky to get to know people, so we wanted to give you a chance to get to know some of the amazing talent right here on island!

What inspired your first cosplay?

Talking to my family friends crystal and Manu got me into the idea of doing cosplay.

What is the hardest part of cosplaying for you?

For me the hardest thing about doing cosplay is finding the right character that fits me and projects that are challenging.

What are the three most essential things to have with you when cosplaying at a convention?

3 essential things at a con:

  • First is drink lots of water
  • Second don’t be afraid to talk to people and trade methods
  • Third is have fun

Have you had any unique experiences due to both of you cosplaying?

Some major experiences I’ve had was having a chance to go on the morning news as captain America to promote conventions with Sam campos.

What is the best cosplaying advice you received?

Best advice I received is just talk to people and network. You never know who you might work with.

What are some of the best things you’ve learned about yourself since you started cosplaying?

I have learned that I have a lot of creative thinking to apply to cosplay as well as different methods of doing things. Also that I can handle a crowd and socialize with people a cons.

Who is your hero? (real life or fictional)

I’d have to say my mom, her encouragement has helped fuel my drive to do better and better in my cosplay projects.

A new cosplayer wants some advice – what do you tell them?

Best advice I can give is for them to do whatever it is they want how ever they want bc at the end you’ll be wearing the costume. Never mind what others say and just have fun for you

What has been one of the coolest things to come from cosplaying?

Coolest thing that has happened through my short time cosplaying And crafting has been all the amazing and creative people I’ve met. And the opportunities that present them selves to work on different projects with other cosplayers.