Julie Caitlin Brown has enjoyed a 30 year career as an Artist, which has included Stage, Television and Film. Fans know her from her work on Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Sliders, but she is most recognized for her role as “Na’Toth” on Bablyon 5.

Beginning her career as a singer, Brown starred in several musical theatre productions before landing the lead role of “Raffaela Ottanio’ in the Tony Award Winning Tommy Tune Musical, “Grand Hotel”. After 18 months on Broadway, Brown moved back to California and worked steadily for the next 10 years with such numerous guest star roles on Television, while she also wrote, and produced her two original music CD, “Sheddin’ My Skin” and “Struck By Lightning”.

As a Writer/Producer she has also produced for film, “Silent Hearts” which aired on Lifetime, the Award winning short“Passing Darkness”and her own short film, “Thoughts of Suicide on an Otherwise Lovely Day” which was nominated for Best Short film on the festival circuit. Currently Brown has another short film on the festival trail, “The Call” in which she stars. The author of three books, “Love First, the Beginning, Love First and the Artist, and Love First and Business, Julie has lectured on 3 continents to thousands.