Mark Waid is a New York Timesbestselling author whose work has appeared in countless languages across the globe. Over the course of his almost four decades in the comic book industry, Mark has developed characters and stories for Batman, Superman, SpiderMan, The Avengers, XMen, Archie, Star Wars, the Incredibles, and almost every other franchise currently enjoying success across all media platforms. Kingdom Come, which he created with artist Alex Ross for DC Comics, has become one of the highestselling graphic novels in history. Many of the storylines and characters he wrote and created in his eightyear run on The Flash comic books can be seen every week on the current hit television show. He has written and edited over 2,000 comic titles and has received every major award in the industry. Since March of 2020, he has also been the U.S. Publisher of Humanoids, the European publishing house responsible for the Incal and dozens of other international graphic novels.