We’re looking for staff to join the Comic Con Honolulu family!

If you’re interested in volunteering to help with the show, please fill out our application here:

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Additionally, we are looking for very responsible and professional volunteers to join our guest relations department.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Guest Handler, your primary job is to manage and handle the day to day activities of your assigned guest. This requires your attendance from the time the guest arrives in Hawaii to the time they leave and all scheduled and nonscheduled activities in between.

  • You will be given a schedule for your assigned guest. It is your responsibility to understand and follow this schedule. Punctuality is a must.
  • Your presence is requested on Thursday to meet your guest at the airport with the con driver. Please let the GR Director know if you can’t make this request.
  • You will be responsible for making sure your guest eats and stays hydrated. This includes taking your assigned guest to get food or going to get food for your guest. You are not required to pay for their food.
  • Guests have very strict rules for what they accept and don’t accept for autograph sessions. It is your responsibility to make sure the guest is not put in an awkward position. i.e. If your guest doesn’t like doing voice acting while signing and an attendee asks them to say “insert phrase here”, you are responsible for saying “No” to the attendee in a respectful manner. Guests shouldn’t and won’t say no. You have to.
  • Understand what your guest likes. Some guests don’t need you around 24/7, some do. Try to understand what your guest will need and work to achieve that. Regardless, you will need to maintain a steady flow of communication during their entire stay. This includes having a working cell phone.
  • You are representing the convention, so your appearance and actions are reflective of the convention.
  • Personal hygiene and appropriate clothing are required. No cosplaying or fanboying/girling are allowed. Make sure you treat the guest in a respectful way.
  • Water, sharpies, hand sanitizer, lozenges, wet wipes, and tissues will be available to you for your guest. It is imperative you keep it with you.

Preferred Experience/Skills

  • Experience in customer service or hospitality is preferred but not required.
  • The ability to understand social cues is a must.

Additional Notes

  • All handlers will be required to attend a pre-con meeting and walk through. Important information and guest schedules will be given.
  • A valid email address and phone number must be submitted for handler approval

If this sounds like something you are interested, send in your staff application and choose Guest Relations!

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