If you love sci-fi, fantasy, pop-culture, comics, or anything else for that matter, and want to share you knowledge and passion with the world, you should consider hosting a panel at Comic Con Honolulu 2015! We will be accepting panels starting now through May 16.

If you want to host a panel, but have no idea what you could talk about, we’ve made a list of some ideas that would be cool to see; feel free to take or build around our ideas (or surprise us with something new!)

Show based discussions/trivia/games:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • The Walking Dead
  • Doctor Who
  • Firefly
  • Castle
  • Babylon 5
  • Buffy/Angel
  • X-files
  • Star Trek
  • Lost

Creative Panels

  • Exercises to improve your creativity
  • Creating a character from scratch
  • Designing your first character
  • Creating a Comic
  • Getting Published in Hawaii
  • The art of Inking
  • Shading, coloring and pointillism
  • Photoshop vs Corel vs Paper and Pen
Movie based discussions/trivia/games:

  • Harry Potter
  • Avengers
  • Marvel vs DC
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Jurassic Park

Lifestyle Panels

  • Intro to LARPing
  • Intro to BDSM
  • Intro to Steampunk
  • Being a Game Master

Science Panels

  • Cool experiments you can do at home
  • Aliens: are they out there?
  • Exploring space: the most recent discoveries in astronomy
  • Science of the Apocalypse
  • Star Wars physics
  • What a steam-powered future would look like

Costuming Panels

  • 3D printing for your costuming needs
  • Secrets of Worbla
  • Choosing the costume that’s right for you
  • Stage presence and skits for costume
  • Creating a prop
  • Creating your own costume accessories