Jennifer Blanc, also known as Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, was born and raised in New York City, by her mom, Jenise Blanc. At the tender age of 13, Jennifer was on Broadway in Neil Simon’s “Brighton Beach Memoirs”, working alongside Jonathan Silverman and Robert Sean Leonard. Jennifer’s career blossomed bringing her to sunny Los Angeles to be in Kenny Ortega’s series, Hull High (1990), for Disney and NBC. Since then, she has been grateful to be continually working in the business that she loves. She also starred in the TV series, The Mommies (1993), for NBC and Paramount. Her projects include: Friends ‘Til the End (1997), opposite Shannen Doherty, Party of Five (1994), opposite Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox, Cool and the Crazy (1994) with Jared Leto, and James Cameron’s Dark Angel (2000), with Jessica Alba. Jennifer has also guest-starred on television shows, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), Grace Under Fire (1993) and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) with Danny DeVito. In addition, she has been involved in many projects with her partner and fellow actor, Michael Biehn. The two joined forces on a movie Michael called The Victim . Their other projects include Puncture (2011), alongside Chris Evans, and The Ride (1997), Jennifer made an appearance in The Divide (2011), with partner and husband Michael Biehn. Her performance in The Victim (2011) comes on the heels of other movies she has just recently completed, including The Jack of Spades (2010), with Jennifer Coolidge, Prank (2008) with friend and colleague Danielle Harris (her co-star in The Victim (2011)), which Jennifer produces and starred in with her writer-director partner, Michael Biehn. Michael and Jennifer have many more productions, now under their “Blanc Biehn Prod” shingle. Collaborations with Xavier gens to come as well as Treachery (2013) and, Hidden in the Woods (2014). As an actress, Jennifer had appeared in 2013 in Wrong Cops (2013) and 2014 Everly directed by Joe Lynch and co starring opposite Salma Hayek. Her greatest collaboration came in May of 2015 when she gave birth to her son with Michael. Dashiell King Biehn is his name. She just returned from working on My Jurassic Place in Austria and is Currently filming DeLaney Bishops’ Voyeur aka Bryan. Co starring in this with Riker Lynch(glee),Ayla Kell ( make it or break it ) as well as Robert Romanus (fast times at ridgemont high) There are many more productions and film and TV projects in the works. Blanc Biehn productions has a slate of releases happening right now with e one. Splash house industry works and more.