Jeremy, the actor behind the voice of Finn on Cartoon Network’s Emmy-Award winning series Adventure Time is multifaceted in his talents. He has been acting since the age of 5 and has landed guest starring parts on television shows including, but not limited to ER, Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, and Lost, as well as being a lead on Nick Canon’s sketch comedy series, Incredible Crew. He is also widely known for his voice over talents, having worked on countless cartoons and animated films. Along with voicing young Peter Quill for Marvel, and voicing Finn on the global phenominum “Adventure Time”, Jeremy is currently working as the undisputed fan favorite character Lance on Dreamworks/Netflix animated series, “Voltron: Legendary Defender”, which is now in it’s second season. In addition, to his voice work, Jeremy also works on-camera and has just finished principal photography on a new film, and also just finished filming season two as the lead on his hit live action series, “Mr. Student Body President”, for Verizon Go90 Network.