Tabletop Oahu: Who the Heck are They?

By September 12, 2017 Convention Guides, Update News

When I talk about being a boardgame enthusiast, most people come back with, “Oh! I love boardgames. That’s like Monopoly, right?” Sure. In the same way that counting is like math. There’s nothing wrong with counting. It’s fun, and we all start off with it, but no one can deny that there’s so much more to math than just that. So it goes with Monopoly and boardgaming.

Many of us in the boardgaming hobby started out with classic games such as Monopoly, Chess, Dominoes, Clue, and Risk. Family nights and rainy days may have been filled with shouts of “Uno!” or a gleefully declared “Sorry!” Many of these nostalgic games are in the Tabletop Library for your entertainment at the upcoming KawaiiKon, and have been at KawaiiKons and Comic Con Honolulus past. But what if you wanted to try something new? What if you were ready to step into a new realm of excitement and cardboard-filled adventures?

The beautiful works of art on those boxes are calling your name. I hear it too, don’t worry. The Tabletop Library has a wide range of selection to suit any occasion. Are you a brand new gamer, looking for games with rules on the lighter side? Or are your friends looking for a fun way to kill some time? Maybe you’re a parent who wants to spend some quality time with the kids in between autograph sessions. Sweethearts on a date? We’ve got you covered.

At the Tabletop Department, we not only have a Library that you can browse but also knowledgeable volunteers who will happily give suggestions for your group and will even help you learn the game! And that’s not all we do! We run giant gaming events like Giant King of Tokyo, tournaments with prizes for games like Tak and Munchkin, artsy miniature painting classes which we call Paint & Takes, and, last but not least, Play and Win Games! What is a Play and Win, you ask? Why, it’s only everyone’s favorite activity in the Tabletop Room! Attendees who play games from our Play and Win selection get the chance to win them at the end of the con! How exciting is that?

There’s still quite some time between now and the next convention, so we’ll be talking more about the different games in our library and about the different events we offer! Happy gaming, everyone!